The ISA CIP was established in 1994 as a progressive coach education program. Coaches of children, adults, veterans, athletes with a disability or elite athletes at club, school, regional, state or national level can become more effective coaches through participation in the CIP.

The global objectives of the ISA Coaching & Instructing Program are:

To establish an international system of

  • Coaching and Instructing Courses, improving the safety and efficacy of surf and SUP instruction around the world.
  • To further develop, through educational programs, a body of knowledge on which Coaches and Instructors may draw.
  • To provide Coaches and Instructors with employment opportunities, encouragement and support.
  • To advance surf and SUP coaching and Instructing as a globally standardized and highly professional activity with stringent requirements.

For the individual, the CIP & FW CIP aims to:

  • Increase con dence and competence in coaching ability
  • Promote an ongoing progressive improvement of knowledge and expertise
  • Incorporate the basics of sports science, enabling a more in-depth approach to coaching
  • Promote the use of safe and correct techniques
  • Provide a structure to improve communication skills
  • Encourage the development of innovative coaching techniques
  • Provide quality controlled learning in all training programs
  • Increase the enjoyment of sport for coaches and athletes 

CIP training programs include the following components:
  • Coaching principles – fundamentals of coaching and athletic performance
  • Sport specific – skills, techniques, strategies and scientific approaches to the particular sport
  • Coaching practice – practical coaching and application of coaching principles

Structure of the CIP

CIP programs utilise competency based training principles. This includes:

  • Competency standards that specify the levels of knowledge and skill required
  • Flexibility in education training delivery
  • Equitable access to the program and equitable training methods
  • Assessment that measures the identified competencies
  • A mixture of theory and practical training

Currency – coaches and of officials must update their accreditation at least every 4 years

Who delivers and assesses CIP training programs?

CIP training programs are conducted by ISA selected organizers and course presenters. They are responsible for assessing whether a coach or of official has met the requirements for domestic accreditation at a particular level of training. 


This level one course is the cutting industry standard for surf Instructors at quality surf schools around the world.


This level 1 course combines a dual credential for both Surf and SUP with a broad range of technique applications as well as safety procedures.

The ISA’s newest course, this certification is designed for Flat Water SUP Stand Alone in lakes, bays, lagoons and all flat water settings.

This level two course is for elite contest preparation. All level two Coaches MUST have completed and passed an ISA level one Surf Instructor course prior to approval as a level two Surf Coach.

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