The ISA CIP was established in 1994 as a progressive coach education program. Coaches of children, adults, veterans, athletes with a disability or elite athletes at club, school, regional, state or national level can become more effective coaches through participation in the CIP.

The global objectives of the ISA Coaching & Instructing Program are:

To establish an international system of

  • Coaching and Instructing Courses, improving the safety and efficacy of surf and SUP instruction around the world.
  • To further develop, through educational programs, a body of knowledge on which Coaches and Instructors may draw.
  • To provide Coaches and Instructors with employment opportunities, encouragement and support.
  • To advance surf and SUP coaching and Instructing as a globally standardized and highly professional activity with stringent requirements.

For the individual, the CIP & FW CIP aims to:

  • Increase con dence and competence in coaching ability
  • Promote an ongoing progressive improvement of knowledge and expertise
  • Incorporate the basics of sports science, enabling a more in-depth approach to coaching
  • Promote the use of safe and correct techniques
  • Provide a structure to improve communication skills
  • Encourage the development of innovative coaching techniques
  • Provide quality controlled learning in all training programs
  • Increase the enjoyment of sport for coaches and athletes 

CIP training programs include the following components:
  • Coaching principles – fundamentals of coaching and athletic performance
  • Sport specific – skills, techniques, strategies and scientific approaches to the particular sport
  • Coaching practice – practical coaching and application of coaching principles

Structure of the CIP

CIP programs utilise competency based training principles. This includes:

  • Competency standards that specify the levels of knowledge and skill required
  • Flexibility in education training delivery
  • Equitable access to the program and equitable training methods
  • Assessment that measures the identified competencies
  • A mixture of theory and practical training

Currency – coaches and of officials must update their accreditation at least every 4 years

Who delivers and assesses CIP training programs?

CIP training programs are conducted by ISA selected organizers and course presenters. They are responsible for assessing whether a coach or of official has met the requirements for domestic accreditation at a particular level of training. 

Upcoming Courses

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