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About the NSSA

The National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and assist its members in their interest to learn and develop the fundamentals and skills of surfing competition while competing in structured and quality events. The NSSA promotes the qualities of discipline and competitive excellence while supporting the merits of academic achievement to young surfers. The NSSA strives to provide a fun surfing experience for all of its members.

The NSSA is one of the few national youth sports organizations that require its participants to maintain academic standards in order to compete. Since 1978, the NSSA program philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. More than 80 NSSA events are run nationwide that culminate with the annual National Championships which is regarded as the highest profile youth surfing event in America.

The NSSA is the foremost amateur competitive surfing organization in the United States. The NSSA is divided into nine conferences - Southwest , Gold Coast, Northwest and NSSA JR in California, Hawaii, Northeast, Southeast/North, Southeast the Florida Gulf in Florida and the Puerto Rico Conference. With a special emphasis on student/surfers, the NSSA membership is open to anyone who wants to surf competitively as an amateur.

An annual membership in the National Scholastic Surfing Association permits members to compete in Regional Conference contests from August through June. In addition to competing in the NSSA's well organized and structured events, NSSA membership offers a variety of other benefits. Remember: You cannot register in any of the scheduled events unless your NSSA membership is completed. 

**All NSSAmembers of the North East Conference, Southeast Conference, Mid Atlantic Conference or SE/North Conferences can compete on the Puerto Rico Conference and all Puerto Rico Conference Members can compete on any Eastern Conferences events (NE, Southeast, Mid Atlantic or SE/North Conferences). 

All, members can fine tune their competitive skills with the best amateur surfers in the United States. Student surfers who are scholastic achievers can also gain recognition and awards as NSSA members. In addition, student/surfers are afforded an opportunity for scholarship funds for post-high school education or training.

Competing in NSSA Conference contests allows members to qualify for an invitation to the Eastern (East Coast & Puerto Rico Conference members only), Hawaiian (Hawaii members only), Western (West Coast members only) and National Championships. Ranking points will also apply to the National Surfing Qualifying Series to earn the priviledge of become part of the Puerto Rico Olympic Pre- selection athlete to earn a spot in the Puerto Rico Olimpic Surfing team for the Pan-American Games 2019 in Peru.  

After registering your membership with the NSSA an email will be sent to let you register into each events of the series. Ussually takes 12 to 24hrs to update the system; If you do not received an email in 24 hr, please contact info@fspr.org

When doing multiple registrations please follow these instructions: 

  1. For each transaction except the final one, click the Invoice me button rather than the Pay online button.
  2. For the final transaction, click the Pay online button and all the transactions will be combined into a single payment.


    For American amateur hopefuls there's no better place to perform than the USA Surfing Championships held at Lower Trestles each year. The cobblestone point is lined with scouts, agents, marketing directors, current and former CT stars and of course coaches...lots of coaches. They're all there for good reason, because on this side of the Pacific, it's the best place to get a glimpse of what the future of pro surfing looks like. See for yourself.


    • What is the difference between OPEN SEASON and EXPLORER SEASON?
    Open Season is the most elite and prestigious division of the NSSA. The competitive format  uses 4 man 20 minute heats and 25 minute finals. (all heat time formats may be altered subject to the time available for the completion of event). Explorer Season is secondary to the Open Season in prestige and the competitive formats are more flexible as such. The Explorer Season divisions can use 6 man 15 minute format and 20 minute finals. Or Conference Director can choose to run 4 man 15 minute or 20 minute formats if time is available. (all heat time formats may be altered subject to the time available for the completion of the event).
    • How many categories can I register on each event?
    You can register on as many categories as you like as long as you comply within the age limitations for each one. AGES AS OF THE BIRTHDATE 1/1/18 FOR THE 2018 SEASON; ALL COMPETITORS CAN COMPETE UP INTO UPPER AGE BRACKET DIVISIONS. Formats are SINGLE ELIMINATION.
    • Is my NSSA Puerto Rico Conference Membership transferable to other Conferences?
    Yes,  you can compete in other Conferences on the East Coast and viceversa. 

    How to compete?

    With more and more surfers wanting to participate in National Scholastic Surfing Association events, the NSSA continues to broaden it's program for the needs of competitive surfing.

    Currently the NSSA operates nationally with eight regional conferences running contests throughout the year. The NSSA National competition season for all regional conferences runs from September through June ending with the NSSA National Championships held each June in California. Annually, the NSSA conducts over 80 surfing events nationwide which is organized into competition seasons in each of it's eight regional conferences. The competition seasons are as follows:

    NSSA Open Season. The highest level of competition. Open to students only. Open Season age divisions are as follows: Mens (16&up), Juniors (13-15), Boys (12&under), Mini Groms (10&under), Womens (all ages), Longboard (all ages).

    NSSA Explorer Season. An all around level of competition which provides advanced, intermediate, beginner as well as recreational and non student divisions. Explorer Season age divisions are as follows: Mens (all ages), Juniors (15-17), Boys (13-14), Menehuene (12&under), Masters (25-34), Seniors (35-44), Super Seniors (45&up), Duke (55&up), Womens (all ages), and Longboard (all ages).

    NSSA Middle School, High School and College Team Seasons. Organized team events for Middle School, High School and College teams.

    NSSA JR Program. A novice competitive surfing program. The NSSA JR Program's purpose is to teach and improve competitive surfing skills to student surfers grades 6-11 and to prepare it's members for competition in the NSSA Open and Explorer program.

    For more information, please read the NSSA RULEBOOK

      Upcoming events

        • 16 Jun 2018
        • 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
        • Jobos Beach, Isabela
        Registration is closed

           open/explorer season



        • All competitors and participants are required to become current members of NSSA prior to competing in any NSSA Puerto Rico Conference event.  Competitor and participant must pay annual NSSA membership fee in accordance with the conference/region they wish to compete in. Applicable membership fees must be paid to the NSSA National Office.
        • Competitor will not be allowed to compete in any NSSA Puerto Rico Conference event until their membership is paid and current. 
        • NSSA membership and/or entry forms must contain a waiver for the NSSA's protection. It is the conference director's responsibility to make sure the waiver is signed before the surfer competes.
        • It is a member's responsibility to enter events they wish to compete in before the contest deadline dates. Conference directors may have to limit contest entries due to beach permit regulations and/or may have to close contest entries due to participation numbers.
        • After Membership is processed by the NSSA National Office, the member can enter the Puerto Rico Conference Event online and register for the desired amount of categories/divisions and events.
          • Once you receive your Welcome email the Puerto Rico Conference Event online check select the categories you would like. Remember age for category as of 01/01/2018
          • When doing multiple registrations please follow these instructions: 
          1. For each transaction except the final one, click the Invoice me button rather than the Pay online button.
          2. For the final transaction, click the Pay online button and all the transactions will be combined into a single payment.
          • Al registrarse en multiples categories por favor siga estas          instrucciones:
          1. Para cada registro de categoria excepto la final que se escoja, presione el botón de "Invoice Me" en vez de "Pay online".
          2. Para su selección final, presione el botón de "Pay Online" y todas las transacciones se combinan en un solo pago.

          NSSA Contest Rules

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